Looking to become a real estate tycoon or just to get on the ladder? At the Real Estate building in Wild City you can buy, sell and rent property, as well as view your own property.

New propertiesEdit

New properties lets you find new properties to buy... nice and clean with no previous owners! Browse through to find something you can afford and hit Buy to get it!

Used property marketEdit

Look for a used property in the Used property market. On the picture of each type of property, you can see the number on the market.

  • If you Enter one of the property types, you can browse through the listings of the properties, going from the lowest price at the top, and see who the seller is.
  • When you View a particular property, you can check out if the owner has installed any modifications.
  • When you decide to buy, just press Buy and go ahead to confirm! Congratulations.


Inside Sell, you can select one of your empty properties to sell and set a price. Good luck!

Rental AgencyEdit

The Rental Agency works much the same as buying a used property. You can browse through, view properties and choose the one for you. It is ordered from cheapest rental price to most expensive.


Similarly, inside Rent, you can choose an empty property that you own to put on the rental market and specify the rental price and number of days on the contact.

Your propertiesEdit

Inside Your properties you can see any properties that you own or are renting, and also any that are on the market.

My property tabEdit

Here you can see all the properties that you own or are currently renting. You have the option to move in to any of your properties, or modify the property you are currently in.

Rent/Sell tabEdit

Under this tab, you'll see any properties that you are currently offering for sale or rent, as well as any that have already been rented by someone else. If nobody is renting your property and it hasn't been sold yet, you can modify it or take it off the market.

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