The Profile is the place to see information about yourself or other players.

Your profileEdit

You can access your own Profile by pressing Profile at the bottom of the screen when you are in the city view.

About meEdit

At the top, you can tap the black box to write something about yourself. Other players will see it when they view your profile.


Gender Shows if you are a male or female.
Age Your age is just the amount of days since you started playing the game. Nothing more, nothing less.
Merits The number of merits you have left to spend on new Skills from gaining Medals.
Family Shows which Family you are in, if any.
VIP Shows your VIP status and expiry date.
ID Your in-game ID.
Level Your experience level.
Spouse If you are married, shows who your spouse is.
City Shows your current location.
Job Shows your current Job.
Status Displays whether you are a regular civilian or a staff member.

Battle statsEdit

In this section you can see your battle stats.


Shows you some information on your current property.


Information about your Family if you have one.


More detailed information about your current Job.


Some stats on your activities in the big bad world of Wild City.


Shows any Perks you are benefiting from at the moment.



Allows you to view your friend list and friend requests. You can tap on players' profile pictures to access their profile.


Lets you view all the Medals you have earned beginning with the most recent.


Lets you assigned your merits to Skills in order to gain Perks.

Others' profilesEdit

On other people's profiles you can view their basic personal information, their Stall, some statistics about them and their Medals. There are also several actions you can take:

E-mail Send a Mail to this person.
Bounty Put a Bounty on their head.
Fight Attack them!
Propose Propose to them!
Befriend Send a friend request to this person.
Invite Invite this person to your Family.
Gifts Send an item or money as a gift to them.
Enemies Adds this person to your blacklist (VIP only!)
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