You got busted? Bad luck! You'll end up here in the big house. The Prison is in Wild City and you will find yourself here if you got caught by the police attempting a crime.

Locked up in prisonEdit

When in prison, you can Chat on the special prison channel, use your Mail and Items, read your Events and the News and go to the Shop. You can also attempt a prison break.

Time in prisonEdit

The time you have to spend in prison is based on the crime committed and can range from a few minutes to over an hour, but some perks change this. If another player busts or bails you out, you will be free, or you can try to break out yourself.

Prison breakEdit

You can try to break out of prison with a Prison break. This costs 20 courage and if you are successful you will be out straight away but if you fail the sentence will be doubled.

Visiting prisonEdit

If you are on the city view and you go to the Prison you can find players in the prison, and bust or bail them out.

Finding playersEdit

You can use the Search button in the prison to search for players that are in prison at the moment.

Bust outEdit

Attempting to Bust out a prisoner is difficult and will use 10 energy points. If you are successful, they will be freed from jail instantly.

Bail outEdit

If you use Bail out you will be able to pay a prisoner's bail. The amount will be shown after you select bail and you can confirm the bailout. The bail depends on the amount of time remaining on their sentence.

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