Time to make some cash the honest way! Welcome to the Office. You can find it in Wild City.

In the officeEdit

When you come in, you should be able to see your current job and the next job up the ladder in your path, as well as any of the jobs you have passed already.

  • Once a day, you can press Pay day to collect your cash for the day.
  • If you go down you will see the requirements for the next job, e.g. a number of days in your old job, a certain level of battle stats and sometimes an item you need to buy. If you meet the requirements you can press Promote to go up to the next job.
  • If you want to change careers you can press the back arrow labelled Office to go back to the list of careers.

Jobs listEdit

Look at the Jobs page on this wiki for a detailed breakdown of salaries and requirements.

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