Inside the Wild Times news you can see what's going on in the world of Wild City as well as find and advertise jobs. To access it, just press the News icon at the bottom of the screen.

Main storiesEdit

On the left side you can see the main stories and scroll down through them to read about what's been happening recently. When special events occur or the citizens of Wild City make great achievements you might see a new story.


Inside the Rankings you can view the top families and people in a variety of categories. This is a good place to check out how your achievements match up to your peers.


Players' adverts will appear inside Ads. To post an ad you can use the Post Ad button on the front page newspaper view. It costs $20,000 per ad and are limited to 200 characters. You can post ads about anything. For example, maybe your family is looking for more members or you are looking to buy something.


Pressing the Jobs button has the same effect as going to the Office.


Hired bodyguards protect other players from attacks. Here you can find a bodyguard to hire or advertise yourself as a bodyguard (Post Ad).

What is a bodyguard?Edit

If you have a bodyguard and you are attacked, your bodyguard will attempt to fight off the other player, unless your bodyguard is flying or in Hospital. If your assailant manages to put your bodyguard into hospital then attacks you again, they will fight you directly. Similarly, if you are acting as a bodyguard and your client is attacked, the effect will be the same as if you were attacked directly.


If you tap inside the Bounty box from the front page of the newspaper, you will be able to see current bounties and you can tap their picture to view their Profile or choose to Fight them.

What is a bounty?Edit

Placing a bounty on someone means placing a price on their head. Anyone who cripples the target will get the amount of bounty money that you specified from you. You can put bounties on people from their Profile.

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