In the Manor you can view and manage your family.

Create familyEdit

If you don't have a family you will see an option to create a family for $100,000.


In the top half of the screen you can see information about the family, such as the level, assets held and respect. You can also see your position in the family. Below is the family bulletin showing any news that the bosses have posted.


View the members of the family and see their respect won and contribution donated.


View and upgrade the skills of the family if you have a high enough rank.(boss only. Underboss cant do this)

Family WarEdit

From here you can view current wars and declare wars on other families using Declare war if your rank is high enough.


View the family event log, including people joining/leaving, donations and war efforts.


Donate money or gold to the family. If you are the boss you can also withdraw money here.


This section is just for family bosses.

Member managementEdit

View the family members and change their positions.

Join requestEdit

Accept or decline request from people wanting to join the family.

Family bulletinEdit

Edit the family bulletin.

Dismiss familyEdit

Disband the family. Be careful, you can't go back on this decision!

Transfer familyEdit

Make another member of the family the boss. Be careful again, you will no longer be the boss after transferring the family management!

Upgrade familyEdit

Once your family reaches certain requirements, you will be able to upgrade it to the next level and gain better benefits!

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