Here, you can find details on the various items you will encounter in Wild City, as well as how to use the Items button.

Weapons and ArmorEdit

Items buttonEdit

On the bottom of the screen is the Items button. You can use this to organize, check and sell (to vendor) your items. The menu has 4 tabs: Equipment, Bag, Warehouse and Stall.


Here you can see the weapon and armor you are currently using. You have the option to Unload your current weapon/armor, as well as Use or Sell other weapons and armor you are holding. You can scroll down the list of unequipped weapons/armors.


Your bag is what you will be carrying when you take a plane. As soon as you leave Wild City your carry space is limited to the size of your bag, which you can see at the bottom of this tab. Increasing your bag space by Perks or using some kind of storage equipment will allow you to import/export more items when you take a plane. Use Pack to select which items you want to put in your bag before travelling, if any. Items bought outside Wild City will automatically go into your bag, and can only be bought if your bag has enough space left.


Your warehouse shows all the items you own that are not currently up for sale or equipped. From here you can Use or Sell (to vendor) these items.


Using your stall is how you sell items to other people. Anything placed on your stall will appear in the Wildmart as well as on your Profile for other people to buy. To sell items on your stall, use Shelve and select the item you want to sell then fix a price. You can also Take Off items from your stall if you decide you don't want to sell them anymore or you want to change the price because they are not selling. You can increase the size of your stall in the Shop!

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