Wanna get big? To get stronger and beat down your opponents more easily you need to come to the gym. Here you can spend your Energy on working out and improving your battle stats!

Wild City GymEdit

Here in Wild City you can find the main gym. You can use the sliders to change which battle stats you want to focus your workout on. Then just press Train to do your workout. The stat increases that you gain will appear on the screen.

Training programsEdit

Below the stat sliders you will see several training programs. You can scroll through these and Join them if you have worked out enough in the previous level of training program. Each of the advanced workout programs will give a boost to your training in a particular workout. For example, being signed up to the speed focused workout (sprint fitness center) will give your speed a bigger boost than usual when you put energy into training it. Once you have bought an advanced workout, you don't need to pay again to return to it.

Improving workout resultsEdit

  • Workout results are mainly improved by having higher Happiness.
  • School courses and the Proficiency in training perk can increase workout gains too.
  • Some items traded on the Black Market also improve training results in specific stats for a limited time after consuming.

City War Champions' GymEdit

Winners of a City War are able to use a special gym while they control a city. It can be seen in the controlled city only by members of the family that owns the city. Usage of this gym grants improved stat increases when training.