You wanna beat up some poor fool? Wild City is the right place for you.

Starting fightsEdit

How to attackEdit

You start a fight with other people in a lot of ways. The easiest way to find a fight is in the Fight Club. Other ways include attacking someone directly from their Profile, through a Bounty or in a Family War. Starting a fight normally costs 20 energy however this can be reduced to 10 by using Willow Bark.

Fight formatEdit

Fights last 20 rounds. Your battle stats, weapons and armor will affect what the outcome of the fight is. All of your stats are compared against the other player's to decide if you hit and how much damage you cause each round. Sometimes you will inflict a critical strike, which is a very damaging hit. You can increase your chance of critting using certain Perks and School courses.

Offensive statsEdit

Defensive statsEdit


After you win a fight, you have the choice to Leave, Rob or Cripple your victim.


Leaving a victim means that you walk away and only send him to Hospital for 10 minutes. You will also gain some experience for choosing this option.


If you choose to rob them, you will take some of their money and send them to Hospital for 10 minutes. The amount stolen can be increased by improving the Rob and Murder perk.


Crippling a beaten victim is the cruelest punishment in Wild City. You will send them to hospital for 30 minutes, and this time can be increased further by improving the Merciless perk! When fighting in Family Wars you must cripple your enemies to increase your respect in the war.


If you lose after attacking another player you will go to Hospital for 30 minutes, but you can reduce this using perks or school qualifications.

Being attackedEdit

If another person attacks you, you won't find out about it unless they beat you. If they beat you, you will find yourself in the Hospital. If you were the victim of a hit and run or you were robbed then you will be in for 10 minutes by default. If they crippled you it will be 30 minutes. Make yourself comfortable!

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