Sometimes having a legit job just doesn't cut it.
However, for some quick cash it is possible to turn to a life of crime.
Simply tap the Crime! icon on the UI to select a crime.

Once you've selected a crime to commit, you'll need to remember a few things:
You can't commit a crime without any tools! Remember to bring enough supplies with you to commit your crimes!
Even if you have the proper tools, you won't necessarily be successful. Sometimes you will be caught in the act and have to make a run for it, or if you're really unfortunate, be caught by the police.
If you're caught by the police, you'll go to Prison! So be careful!

Scavenge for CashEdit

Scrounge around in public areas for loose change. Pretty easy, but the payoff is also quite low. Make sure to wear Sunglasses so that you won't be recognized.

Location XP Reward $ Reward
Train Station 5 5-10
Old Bridge 5 7-8
Garbage Bins 6 Various Items
Neighborhood 7 5-13
Dumpsters 7 Various Items
Movie Theater 8 1-20

Hustle CDsEdit

Everyone's favorite past-time. Sell some pirated CDs out of your trunk. Low payoff, be sure to bring a DVD Disc with you.

Item XP Reward $ Reward
Rock CDs 99999 7-11
Heavy Metal CDs 22 8-11
Pop CDs 24 7-10
Rap CDs 30 9-15
Horror DVDs 30 9-15
Action DVDs 32 10-17
Romance DVDs 34 9-18
Sci-Fi DVDs 36 9-18
Thriller DVDs 38 9-20


Everyone likes cheap stuff, so what could be better than getting stuff for free? Nick something from a shop for some extra cash, just be sure you have a Mountain Bike to make your get away.

Item XP Reward $ Reward
Chocolate Bars 40 17-23
Bonbons 45 11-30
Extra Strong Mints 50 15-17
Tank Top 55 Various Items
Pair of Trainers 60 Various Items
Jacket 65 Various Items
Earrings 70 Various Items
Jade Bracelet 80 Various Items


Some people are just asking for it. Intimidate some poor sap with a Razor and jack his stuff for a decent payout.

Target XP Reward $ Reward
Beggar 85 10-20
Woman 90 20-50
Gramps 95 30-80
Boy 100 200-300
Lawyer 105 100-500
Moneybags 110 200-500


Standard B&E. Bust into someone's house with a Crowbar and rob them blind for a decent payout.

Target XP Reward $ Reward
Flat 120 50-100
House 130 200-500
Mansion 140 100-1,000
Neighborhood 150 500-1,000
Company HQ 160 2,000-3,000

Armed RobberyEdit

Everyone's worst nightmare, but if it didn't pay then no one would do it! Don a Mask and roll on someone for a decent payout.

Target XP Reward $ Reward
Passer-by 170 100-200
Store 180 100-500
Bank 190 1,000-50,000
Armored Car 200 50,000-200,000


Might as well put that Driver's License to use and make a few deliveries! Make sure you don't get pulled over and you can make some decent money off of this one.

Item XP Reward $ Reward
Hot Pot Oil 210 5,000-10,000
Phones 220 5,000-10,000
Computers 230 5,000-10,000
Vodka 240 1,000-5,000
Cars 250 1,000-5,000
Oil 260 1,000-5,000

Plant a VirusEdit

Not all crime is committed on the streets. There's always a massive amount of wealth hidden inside corporate computers. After all, who wouldn't love a few extra social security numbers? Bring a Wireless Keyboard along for maximum efficiency.

Virus XP Reward $ Reward
Trojan Horse 270 1,000-2,000
Worm 280 2,000
Parasite 290 1,000-3,000
Malware 300 2,000-3,000
Network Virus 310 10,000-50,000


Sometimes it just can't be helped. Someone said something, or did something, or was thinking about something that just can't be forgiven. Plant a Tracing Device on them and take care of the issue...permanently.

Method XP Reward $ Reward
Contract Killing 320 1.000.000
Drive-by 330 999.999.999
Car Bomb 340 50,000
Mob Hit 350 100,000


Nothing sends a message better than fire. Bring a Windproof Lighter and send someone that message.

Target XP Reward $ Reward
Flat 360 10,000-20,000
Office Building 370 10,000-20,000
Parking Lot 380 10,000-20,000
Apartment Building 390 10,000-20,000
Warehouse 400 30,000-40,000
Motel 410 10,000-20,000
Gov't Building 420 30,000-40,000

Grand Theft AutoEdit

Cars are expensive, man. Take a Screwdriver to the ignition and score one for free!

Method XP Reward $ Reward
Parked Car 430 Various Items
Hijack a Car 440 Various Items
Jack a Car from the Showroom 450 Various Items

Pawnshop FraudEdit

Bring along a Fake Antique and swap it for the original while the owner isn't looking. Just don't sell it back to the original shop.

Crime XP Reward $ Reward
Steal an Original 470 10,000-50,000
Replace an Original 490 50,000-80,000


Sometimes someone wants something they can't have. A second passport, a diploma, or just a lot of money. Get a Copier and open up shop.

Item XP Reward $ Reward
Passport 500 1,000-5,000
Cop's ID 510 1,000-5,000
Business License 520 3,000-5,000
Invoice 530 3,000-5,000
Casino Tokens 540 10,000-50,000
Credit Card 550 50,000-100,000

Protection RacketEdit

Sometimes it pays more to make sure someone else stays alive. Just bring that Chloroform...just in case.

Client XP Reward $ Reward
Old Man 570 1,000-5,000
TV Star 590 3,000-10,000
Biz Man 610 10,000-30,000
Mayor 630 75,000-100,000

Arms TraffickingEdit

It's not always easy to get a gun. That's where you come in. Bring a Padlock and provide the supply for this particular demand.

Item XP Reward $ Reward
Explosives 650 75,000-100,000
Firearms 700 100,000-200,000


It was the day the world stood still. A once great building, reduced to ashes in a matter of seconds. Requires Explosives.

Target XP Reward $ Reward
Factory 750 30,000-50,000
Gov't Building 800 100,000-200,000


Wanna find out who killed Kennedy? Bring a Computer and figure it out.

Target XP Reward $ Reward
Bank 900 100,000
FBI 1,000 100,000
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