In the world of Wild City, tensions can spark at any moment. Suddenly full scale warfare breaks out on the streets and families fight to grab control of entire cities. When the dust settles, the family still standing takes power over the city until next time such a war erupts. For now, crowned rulers of the city, they ruthlessly exploit it to gain money and benefits.



If a City War is upcoming, the Activity icon will be displayed on the right hand side of the city view. If you look at the activities, you will see the City War start and end time and you can tap through to see more information and the City List (cities that will open for the fight). The City War can open across any number of cities. Registration usually opens 2 hours before the start of the war and finishes 1 hour before the end. Only family bosses can sign up their family for the war. They must fly to the cities they want to register in and use the City War Flag to sign up. After sign up and once the event is open, their family can then start to earn points.


Families gain points in a given city at the rate of 1 point per family member per minute with the following rules for each family member:

  • Their family must have signed up for City War in this city.
  • They must be out of hospital.
  • They must have the game app open. (i.e. your phone/tablet cannot be locked or turned off)
  • Members using bodyguards will not score points.
  • Members under Police Protection will not score points.

So the best way to climb to the top of the rankings is to minimize the amount of time your family spends in hospital while crippling the other families at the top of the rankings. We encourage you to pack medical supplies in your bag before flying out of Wild City.

You can see the score by pressing the City War Flag inside the city you want to check, even if your family is not participating.


The winners (top scoring family) of the City War gain great benefits for their family in any cities they have won for one week after the event finishes.

  • Exclusive use of a special gym in the taken city with +10% workout gains.
  • Crime is available in the taken city with +10% success rate.
  • The family gets a 3% cut of any transactions performed in this city (e.g. people buying things at the Mall.)
  • The family boss wins:

Just hope that your family boss is generous enough to redistribute the wealth!

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