You can find Chat at the bottom of the screen. Inside, you can talk to other people. There are various different chat channels depending on your situation - you can select a channel using the tabs at the top of the chat screen. To chat, just write something in the text box and press Post.

Chat channelsEdit


In global chat you can talk to all the players in the game. Everybody receives this chat. It's a good place to hang out, make friends and look for a family or recruit members, as well as advertise items you are selling. To talk in global, you need to use a Megaphone. You can see how many Megaphones you have left at the bottom of the chat screen.

Vital statistics
Type Shop
Effects Unknown
Source Unknown
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown


If you are in a family, you will see family chat. This is the place to talk things over with your family. Chat, help each other or plan wars and tactics.

Special chat channelsEdit

In-flight, prison and hospital all have their own special chat channels that you can use only when you are inside these places.

Rules of chatEdit

Please be respectful to other players and avoid swearing. Racist or hateful language especially will be punished by chat bans, fines or game bans at the staff's discretion. We encourage you to report abuse and offensive language to staff. You can find more details on game rules on the rules page.

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