Wild City and Las Vegas are home to casinos, where players can bet their hard earned bucks in several mini-games.

Slot MachineEdit

Test your luck at the slots. Payouts start at 1:2 and go all the way up to 1:50, with triple 7s being the jackpot. Use the buttons to set your wager then cross your fingers and press start!


The rules are simple: you're playing the dealer to 21. If you bust, you lose. If he busts, he loses. Ace counts as either 1 or 11. Face cards count as 10. Dealer must hit soft 17. You can use the 100 and 500 chips to up your bet (or reset it to zero) then press start to deal the hand.

Black and RedEdit

Black and Red is one of China's oldest games. It consists of betting on lots of two colors, black and red. Each round, ancient Chinese magic will decide the winning color. Cheating will not help, if you want to win, you must rely on your own wisdom.

After each round begins, The Powers That Be will select the winning color and allow you to bet. You may bet on black, red or both by tapping the the black or red button and choosing the amount you want to bet.

Players may bet any amount and any number of times during the betting phase. Once betting has concluded, The Powers That Be will reveal the winning color.

Winners will be chosen every half hour and receive a payout of 1:2. You will receive an event notification in-game to tell you the result of your bet.

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