The Biz Center is the place to come to change settings in your game or search for players and families.


In Options, you can turn off the music or sound in the game.


You can see your unique ID for inviting other players to the game. If other players refer your ID when they register you will receive rewards!

  • For every invited player that reaches level 30, you get: 30 gold, 3 energy restores and 3 days of VIP!
  • For every 40 players you invite, you get: 40 gold, 4 energy restores and 4 days of VIP!
  • If any of the players you invited buy gold, you will get rewarded 5% of the gold they buy.

You can use the Share button to share your code on Facebook or Twitter. 01:06, May 27, 2015 (UTC)==Search by name== Search by name lets you search for players using their Wild City player name.

Search by IDEdit

Search by ID lets you search for players by their Wild City ID. If you want to use this, you can find a player's ID on their Profile.

Search by family nameEdit

Search by family name will let you search for a family by their full name (not their short tag).

Search a family by IDEdit

Search a family by ID allows you to search for a family if you have their ID.


Staff is where you can see who the staff members are and leave feedback for them if they have helped you. Reviewing staff members is helpful to us as it allows us to understand whether the staff are doing a good job or not and make your game experience as good as possible. Only admins will be able to see your review, the helpers themselves will never be able to read what you write so please be honest.

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